Julie & I

Julie & I

orianeplayner 02:46 03/06/2021

Julie & I

orianeplayner 02:46
An anti-fashion film about two co-dependent friends living in fantasy, with one of them sometimes taking it too far. Shot on super 16mm and 8mm film, it’s inspired by French New Wave and is a metaphor for co-dependent friendships that turn toxic for the same reasons that made them beautiful. We intentionally borrowed a lot of imagery from videos and fashion films that we loved, to create a visual post-modern landscape crafted from contemporary video tastes. The goal was to also comment on some of today’s over-emphasis on aesthetic also going a little too far for the same reasons that make them so beautiful.

Made with the amazing help of Kodak, The Mill, and Metropolis Post.

Screened at BAFTA-Qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2020 for fashion

Screened at Berlin Commercial Festival 2020

Winner of LA Fashion Festival for Cinematography 2020

Original premiere on NAKID Magazine https://nakid.online/2020/01/22/julie-i-directed-written-by-waley-wang-nakid-tv-short-film/

Interview on Director's Notes https://directorsnotes.com/2020/02/20/waley-wang-julie-i/

Featured on Booooooom & Film Shortage https://tv.booooooom.com/2020/01/27/julie-i-waley-wang/


Celine: Oriane Playner @oripla
Julie: Kitty Collins @kitttycollins
Narration by Rachel Warren @rachel___warren
Julie's Voice by Sandra Leclercq @sandraleclercqactress

Writer & Director: Waley Wang @waleywang
Director of Photography: Andrea Gavazzi @andgavazzi
Editor: Matt Schaff @mattschaff
Stylist: Clemence Therin

1st Assistant Camera: Alexey Kosorukov @bolshoypalez
Gaffer: Vicente Roxas @vicente_roxas

Line Producer: Seong-Tae Han @sth265
Line Producer: Landon Yost @landonyost

Production Designer: Selvaggia Messi @la_selvaggia_
Art Director: Mickey Hoover @hoover.it
Art Director: Sarah Leriche @sarah__leriche
Art Director: Tiffany Hattori @tiffanyhattori_

Sound Design: Romain Sturma & Camille Thomas https://romainsturma.carbonmade.com/
ADR: Sam Stevenson-Yang
VFX: Francesco Esposito @esporama001
Color: Josh Bohoskey @breezus_christ
Color Producer: Evan Bauer @mill_ny

Producers: Andrea Gavazzi & Waley Wang

Special Thanks:
Landon Yost
Clemence Therin
Branton Choi
Tom Fenaille
Pierrick Reiss
Sasha Altskan
Vicente Roxas
Sam Stevenson-Yang
Rohan Makhijani
Raphaël Ajuelos
Andrè Bato
Amaal Mustafa
Saleh Ramazani
Zach Stone

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